Resume for equity research/HF

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My story, the short version: I graduated in 2009 and was seeking an equity research position, and wasn't able to land one. I eventually picked up a job as a retail financial advisor at a local/regional boutique firm to pay the bills, and now I actually do more of the analytical work for them, including on some of their HNW and foundation/endowment clients.

It's been okay, but my goal was never wealth management. It's fine for people who like it, but I want to get closer to the market. I'm looking to transition over to equity research and ultimately the hedge fund space. I've also been looking at corporate finance jobs, not as an end to itself, but as a means to get legit experience working with financial statements and studying a business, to eventually leverage that experience to the hedge fund space.

Resume right here:
Please tear it up. Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks