Resume question from a cs student

Hi there,

I'm a master candidate of computer science, and I'm preparing my resume for applying IBD position. I present my shortages and advantages, and hope you could give me some advice on how to make a impresive resume for such position.

1. No degree in either business or economics.
2. No internship at banks.

1. Internship in top IT companies, such as IBM, Google and Microsoft, and the positions are diversified: researcher, software engineer and program manager.
2. PTA experience at an international consulting group.
3. Good scholar record in a top university in China with 5 years' scholarship and many awards.
4. Passed CFA level 1.
4. Active extracurricular activities.

How can I succeed to make a proper resume for IBD application? Which experience to emphasis and which to ignore in the resume?

Great thanks in advance!


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Sep 6, 2008 - 3:33pm

Equity research is what you want if you are more interested in the market and people instead of the models.

From Goldman's careers page, for their Global Investment Research:

Goldman Careers:

Global Investment Research produces the fundamental research and analysis of companies, industries, commodities and economies, along with investment and trading recommendations and strategies for investing clients.

Our external clients include institutional investors for pensions, hedge and mutual funds. Internal clients include Sales and Trading.

In addition to conducting research and writing reports, Global Investment Research professionals interact with clients and conduct conferences and meetings between investors and corporate issuers.

That's sell-side stuff, buy-side you'd basically be doing the same thing but you'd be working for a specific fund or the like.
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