retail sales experience

I have a pretty full resume, undergrad and study abroad, three internships, multiple clubs and ECs, few awards, etc

I've been looking at some company websites at different IB analyst programs and came across a description that said "strong sales orientation"

Now my question:
I worked for Best Buy selling TVs for 3 years, that may sound somewhat trivial but I have an interesting story, progressed through the company fairly quickly, and was very successful with the sales/customer relationship portion of the job.

Prior to my last internship I was interviewing at a PE FOF and one the the MDs I interviewed with was enthralled with my experience there (explicitly told me how impressed he was)

Does this belong on my resume? Shows I can talk to anyone and can climb the corporate ladder?

Any way my internships are: a 6 months at a CPA firm. It was pretty small shop involved in mostly municipal auditing.

Middle office at a prop trading firm on a bond desk.

Middle office at that same prop trading firm but on an options desk, did some programming but mostly middle office work.

I was thinking about dropping the CPA firm, it was my first internship and I definitely had better experiences and contributed more on the latter two.

What do you guys think drop the accounting experience and add the sales. or keep the accounting experience.

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Jul 14, 2011