RFP Retail Multi-Tenant Ground Up Model

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Hi Everyone,

I work for a PE firm in Austin that is active in the hospitality, self storage and MF space. I need assistance in modeling a small retail development in a tertiary market outside of Dallas. Here is a previous project I worked on but lost the land before I could bring the deal together. https://bit.ly/2Mon1Nt
My preference is to use the Adventures in CRE all-in-one model unless you have something really robust and have used it on several deals. I'll provide all the model assumptions. It's possible I would need some screenshare time (30 minutes to an hour?) to review the model before I present to my committee. I've previously had quotes around $1,000 - $1,500 which is realistic for my budget. For payment I can place the funds in escrow or run it through upwork. I regularly work with 5-10 different freelancers and have references.


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Feb 10, 2019