Rising college freshman looking for advice on major

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I am currently a rising college freshman who will be attending Carnegie Mellon University in the fall. I am trying to get into investment banking or quantitative finance. Currently, I have a few different options in terms of my major and the degree I get and i am looking for advice on which major would get me the greatest job opportunities in the field i listed above.

Option 1 - Applied/computational math major
it is worth mentioning that I would also receive a master's degree in mathematical sciences with this option. I am also able to graduate in 3 years with a B.S. and an M.S. both in math because of the amount of ap credit I have
Option 2- Statistics and Machine Learning major with a minor in math
With this major, I would be able to graduate in 2 years with an undergrad degree
Option 3 - computational finance major
this is a very competitive program that I have to apply to get into. Each year cmu only takes about 10 people, however, I heard the job placement and recruitment is very good. I would be able to graduate in 3 years if I were accepted into this program

Assuming I get a high gpa and develop a good network with each option, which would be the best to break into a quantitative finance job?

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Apr 3, 2020