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Hey guys,

Soon to be MSF grad from a Boston school, have my undergraduate degree in accounting from a state school. I wanted to get 150 credits to go for my CPA, and I felt like an MSF would give me a good finance background, and not pigeonhole me into strictly accounting positions. With my original goal coming out of undergrad was to get my CPA, I locked in a job at a non-big 4 firm earlier than I knew what was in the finance world, and I accepted a position in Risk and Business Advisory. I had tax and audit internships before this and neither of them spoke to me too much, so I accepted an offer in a different department. Originally this was marketed more towards the business advisory portion, but the closer I get to my start date the more I see it will be more IT based.

My goal is to end up into corporate finance, and from reading the roles in FP&A, financial strategy, and strategic development, these all seem really interesting to me. How do you guys see my transfer-ability into these departments in the corporate world after putting my time in and getting my CPA? I know a combination of CPA, MSF, and Risk Advisory is definitely not normal, and not going Big-4 for accounting is especially uncommon on this form too. What would you recommend my next moves be?