Rogue staffings from 2nd year analyst

i am a 1st yr analyst and a 2nd yr analyst will often trying and sneak in help on his staffings when i have a little downtime, almost always b***h work that keeps me there late. he says that he has a lot on so can't handle it all himself and talks about it being a good learning experience, but will often leave early while he leaves me to do his work. treats me and fellow 1st yr analysts as if we're interns. i understand that people may need help and that we're all there to work hard, but this is becoming a frequent occurrence and i know that this analyst is doing it behind the back of senior team members.

is this normal? how / should i push back?

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Dec 27, 2018

We generally had a rule that all 1st and 2nd year analysts were treated the same and only an experienced 3rd year or associate can tell you what to do or dish off work. I would bring it up to your staffer. Is it being a tattle tale sure, but it reflects poorly on both of you in the current situation. I would no say that John is lazy and giving me all his grunt work but that you are looking to get more meaningful work and would like the opportunity to work with more experienced junior bankers as you are currently doing all of Johns grunt work. It all depends on your companies dynamics but sometimes you have to speak up.

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Dec 27, 2018