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Hi all,

So I am new to this whole industry and would like to get the facts straight to understand a role and firm, namely an M&A associate role at a BDO, Grant Thornton kind of firm which is serving the mid-market here. I was wondering if these are worth it and what are the potential opportunities after? Note that this is from a European perspective. I mean, as I understand, these guys don't have capital markets so they are no investment bank. But they still advise (solely) on M&A deals in my region, so I wonder if this is somehow a second best to IB? Does it count as corp fin, only TAS is mentioned?

The role would entail: Tasks vary throughout the sales process. You will work on identifying buyers and analyzing market information, conducting valuation, preparing sales presentations and writing information memorandum etc. Anything that can be said about the skills one would develop?

Appreciate any insights on this!

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Feb 11, 2019
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