ROOMMATE needed -- AUG 1, Chelsea or West village or SOHO (market hours ppl only pls)

hi im a 23 yr old male and moving to the city on august 1rst. I am ideally looking for someone in sales, trading or research or buyside that gets up early. Call it starting work at 6 to 7:30 am and am looking to split a 2 bed in the above areas. I am originally from California, work in bond sales, and am an easygoing guy. looking for someone clean and generally quiet at the apartment (also likes to have fun). Ideally I prefer to keep the apartment quiet in the evenings during the week to be able to go to sleep around 10 or so. Budget is around 1700 to 2200 for my bedroom. Male or female is fine for me. Please tell me more about yourself. thanks.