RSM vs CASS (Msc Finance)

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Hi everyone!

I was accepted at both RSM (Msc Finance and Investments) and at Cass (Msc corporate finance). I was quite sure to go for Cass, but after some reading I have seen that many people don't regard Cass as a good BS. I have red that many consider it not worth the money and that there aren't many chances of obtaining a good job in the UK nor anywhere else ("no-one knows it outside the Uk"). On the other hand many praise RSM, even if not ranked very well on ft (cass has always been better ranked on ft), saying that there are many chances of landing a good job in Europe and in the UK, also in ib (my absolute preference).
My final question is which one should I choose?

Ps: i know that Cass costs 20x more and that London is way better than Rotterdam. I just want to know from an academic/reputation/career point of view.

Thank you very much