RSM vs CASS (Msc Finance)

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Hi everyone!

I was accepted at both RSM (Msc Finance and Investments) and at Cass (Msc corporate finance). I was quite sure to go for Cass, but after some reading I have seen that many people don't regard Cass as a good BS. I have red that many consider it not worth the money and that there aren't many chances of obtaining a good job in the UK nor anywhere else ("no-one knows it outside the Uk"). On the other hand many praise RSM, even if not ranked very well on ft (cass has always been better ranked on ft), saying that there are many chances of landing a good job in Europe and in the UK, also in ib (my absolute preference).
My final question is which one should I choose?

Ps: i know that Cass costs 20x more and that London is way better than Rotterdam. I just want to know from an academic/reputation/career point of view.

Thank you very much

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Apr 4, 2015

a good BS?

never heard of RSM.
I knew one or two people who got pretty good offers coming out of Cass, but mostly because they had family connections of some sort. while Cass is definitely better than RSM (just looked at the rankings) in almost every regard, i gotta say the difference is only marginal. however, you can at least network in london if you go to cass

do you really have to decide between these schools?
my advice would be not to go to either, but if you must, cass is probably a better choice for a career in london.

-american poster

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

Apr 17, 2015

it's a Netheland school. However it's probably nobody outside Europe

Apr 17, 2015

Ni Gan Ma stalk Wo

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

Apr 18, 2015

you're thinking too much. lol

Apr 4, 2015

If I had to decide between Cass and RSM, I would go for RSM. I can't see the value of spending more than GBP20k for Cass when the other option is RSM. They are both not top targets like LSE/LBS/Oxbridge, but given that you have a decent profile (good internships, good grades, english+european language(s)) you will get some looks from both. But don't expect too much from both schools, you will still pretty much have to pave your own way to a job. To sum it up, when considering RSM vs. Cass, a 20k+ premium isn't justified, hence I would go for RSM. Unless you really really want to live in London and have enough money and don't care about the 20k+ & the higher living costs.

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Apr 5, 2015

RSM. While it's not a clear cut target, it does place well in London.

Cass doesn't justify the premium.

Apr 25, 2015