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Hi, so I am an incoming freshman at a school and was curious when I should begin to "apply" for summer positions for the summers after my freshman year, sophomore year, and junior year.

I've been reading posts where some banks are recruiting 2 years in advance where the norm seems to be about 1 year?

Specifically, for the summer after freshman year, so for me summer 2021, I should be emailing around me for PWM positions or unpaid internships in December or January? Is that the right idea?

For summer 2022, I've read I should be applying during summer 2021? And for summer 2023, I should be applying for some banks in summer 2021 and some in summer 2022? The timeline just seems to be extremely accelerated.

Just trying to get an overall perspective as I do not want to be caught lacking.

If there's a thread on this already, please link it to me!

I appreciate any insight or comments, thanks guys

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