Salary differences in Europe post-Brexit

Tl;dr: What's the difference in salaries between London and other European capitals, particularly in Madrid?

I have used the search function quite extensively but there doesn't seem to be any detailed discussion regarding this and all the Europe salary discussions are pretty old so:
We all know the pound has suffered a devaluation due to Brexit, so how do salaries in continental Europe now compare to those in London? (Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan...) Are they now relatively higher? Will they be adjusted anytime soon? I also get the impression that bonuses are lower outside of London, am I wrong? It would be really interesting to get some opinions and maybe even some data points on the subject.

I was particularly curious about Madrid, since it clearly has the lowest cost of living of all European finance capitals, is the salary lower?

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May 4, 2019 - 6:41pm

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