Sales and trading, Help!

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Hey guys,

I'm an undergrad (year 3/5) engineering science student in University of Toronto, and have just accepted a summer internship offer from a big Canadian bank in its risk management division. I've had a pretty big strategy internship before (last summer) too.

To be honest I took this job primarily to have a better chance of getting into Sales and Trading in my penultimate year (I didn't want to risk rejecting the offer and not ending with anything this summer).

I just want to know if anyone has any idea if I can back my experiences up to break into sales & trading next year since it is extremely competetive especially at RBC, TD, Bank of America Merrill Lynch etc. If anyone has any advice or experience in dealing with this, please let me know.

Oh and my major is financial engineering and economics and I've been chasing S&T since I started trading out of my mock account