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New to the site, have found the discussions very helpful. I still don't totally understand what sales, sales trading, brokers, research sales do. I will try to explain what I understand, and if people could fill in the gaps I would appreciate it.

I currently work on a mbs desk for an originator. We don't buy any mbs, we just originate mortages and sell the bonds in the seconday market. Mostly agency stuff.

You call existing clients with ideas, if they like them and decide to execute the trade through your firm you get a credit for it. Do you still cold-call funds that don't have accounts with your firm in hopes that they will like your ideas, and eventually set up an account with the firm? Pay is generally base + commission?

Sales Traders/Brokers:
What is the day to day like and how is it different than sales? Comp: base+ commission

Research Sales:
I interviewed with a botique reseach firm, and they made it seem like they send out a free sample of their reseach to potential clients, then the sales staff calls them and tries to get them to buy a subscription? You also will call all of your existing clients to provide additional insight. Base + commission?

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May 4, 2012


May 4, 2012