Samsung NEXT

NEXT = Samsung's venture capital arm, which just got funded with $150 million to spend on tech startups.

I've had some preliminary discussions with their team for an associate M&A role and was wondering if any of you had insight on the value of the experience someone would get in that role, and what the exit opportunities could be after 2-3 years.

Quick background: My current role is non-finance, with a long term plan of getting into a top PE fund (I realize that is an uphill battle, but its one I'm willing to fight). My assumption all along has been that 2-3 years in IB is necessary given my background before PE becomes a realistic option. I recently got some hits on Associate level openings with two upper tier MM IB's, got through several rounds of interviews, and had superdays with both. Apparently my story wasn't as strong / sold as well as it needed to be and I've been wait listed at both while they consider other candidates.

All this brings me to my question: Is this a valid opportunity that would give the experience and brand value to get into a top PE down the line?

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
May 28, 2020 - 9:11pm

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