Sandwich Boarders Getting Hired

Congrats to Joshua Persky, the out of work banker who strapped on a sandwich board and marched around NYC handing out resumes. All your hard work has finally paid off.

Persky was recently hired at Weiser LLP, an accounting firm.

Wow, and Persky's very own wife appears to be the first congratulatory comment on that article. How sweet. To be fair though, it appears Persky's writing on his personal blog also helped him land the job - .

CNBC and all the other news outlets are running the crap out of this story with a human interest 'positive spin on layoffs approach'. If one of them was writing this post, it would probably end with "So keep your chin up out there, kiddos, because for people with lots of determination, there are opportunities out there!"

But, luckily, I am not one of those people.

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