SAT Score for PE Recruiting

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Hey guys, 2 questions:

1) Why do PE firms care about your SAT/ACT score? Sure, it's a way to compare applicants on an "even playing field," but it's ridiculous to look at a test score you received your junior or senior of high school, especially if you went to a top ivy league college and work at a top bank. Do academic honors from a school, like Dartmouth, not prove you're more intelligent than a 2300?

2) This may sound absurd, but I don't remember my super scored SAT and have no way of accessing my old email account to retrieve the log in to check. What are the consequences of getting my score wrong and lying about it during the interview process/on my resume? I remember my non-super scored version, but I know my super scored version was higher.

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Jan 6, 2019