SBL UW Analyst Phone Interview

I have a phone interview for a UW Analyst position, I believe it's for the SBL team but wouldn't hurt to be prepared for questions related to the conventional side as well. What kind of questions can I prepare for? And what are some good questions that I should ask? This is with an associate on the team I'd be working with, not HR. I have already in person interviewed with a SVP in the company for another position, but it got bumped up to associate level, so I was referred by the SVP for this analyst position. Thank yall

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Aug 11, 2019

Bump. Also wondering - considering I was referred by the SVP from another office whom I have already interviewed with for another position to this office what would this phone call be like? Interview or more laid back?

Aug 11, 2019

Phone interview for entry level job is always just chatting, making sure you are not some crazy person

Aug 11, 2019

Yes but I was wondering if I would get the typical HR phone screen questions such as "walk me through your resume" type stuff or more closer to a conversation about what the position is like and how they operate there, since this phone call is with an Associate, not HR.

Aug 12, 2019