Scared of Ruining my career opportunities (Gap year abroad)

So i just finished my first year of my undergrad (1 of 3yrs) in Business administration (Finance) here in Canada. And recently, a passion or a life goal resurfaced, I want to study Mandarin chinese in mainland China right after my degree.

And recently, a passion or a life goal resurfaced, I want to study Mandarin chinese in mainland China right after my degree.

  • Ive been wanting to study the language for a long time now (I'm 19yrs old, turning 20 in July and will be 21/22yrs old when I finish my undergrad) and I feel like ###I wont have the opportunity to learn it for the rest of my life if I dont go to china right after my degree (It's easier and faster to learn it there and id love to live in the country for a year). I looked up chinese government scholarships that would pay the totality of the tuition.

  • MY CONCERN is that, upon my Return to Canada (Montréal) I won't be able to find or it wont be as easy to find the job I want (gap year, not a lot of experience, etc) and that it will Ultimately** RUIN my career opportunities**. At the same time i dont think I'll have the time and opportunity (quit my job) to study mandarin in China for the Rest of my Life. as I'll already be too far in the my career

I want to learn the language for fun, personal growth/accomplishment (it's a life goal) and i guess indirect career opportunities.

BUT I'm REALLY scared it will do* FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD TO MY CAREER*. <- Main reason i'm douting my decision

What are your thoughts?

*I am fluent in French and English**

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May 11, 2019 - 2:42am

Hey banana407, sorry about the delay, but are any of these useful:

Hope that helps.

May 13, 2019 - 9:55am

Take a year off from college and go now if you feel you need to.

A year off during college is no big deal, just push your graduation back accordingly and it will be no issue with jobs later on - might actually help to have such a differentiating experience, and it seems like it's basically an extended study abroad.

If you take a gap year immediately after graduation it will be hard to come back and get a job, as having no experience + a large resume gap already is a red flag. Go now for no career repercussions


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