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Hello everyone,

I'm confused about what school to go to. I'm currently at Schulich BUT Am considering going to the IVEY HBA program.

Looking at the recruitment PDF files for IVEY & Schulich. Schulich has Goldman Sachs, Greenhill & Co and other top firms come and recruit at Schulich. But I don't know why People say Schulich is not good.
My current situation - SHort Summary:
Currently a 21yr old 2nd yr Schulich Student (Was majoring in BIO from age 18-20).
Current GPA = 3.80
Currently Working as a Real estate sales Broker at CBRE - selling industrial space under a top producer. I earn a decent income (above the avg income in Toronto)

My dilemma: If I leave Toronto then I'll be making almost nothing as a CRE broker.
I want to go into Investment Banking & Private Equity.

My Question:
Is it a wise decision to go to Ivey given my current business in Toronto or Should I stay in Schulich and network with PE/IB firms?


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Apr 3, 2020