schulich vs laurier co-op

Hello everyone, i was looking for advice on schulich vs laurier co-op,leaving college life culture etc.,which would be better for a career in:

bb/eb/big 5+1 ibd, big 4 deal advisory


consulting at tier 1 and tier 2 firms/big 4

(ALL of this specific for canada not in the U.S)

being completely honest i have the grades to get into any university in canada,getting into ivey aeo is easy,but being an international student dont really have the money,ivey costs 172k cad just for tution,right now im seriously looking at laurier co-op since getting paid work terms is just amazing and laurier seems on the up as to schulich but this is just what ive heard and apparentyl schulich has more prestige?im not really sure so any advice would be appreciated

also as a side note any information about university of manitoba? asper school of business looks cheap but being in manitoba would it be impossibe to get jobs on bay street,how hard would it be?thier masters of finance seems good im just confused about it

thank you in advance:)


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  • Prospect in IB - Restr
Oct 3, 2021 - 2:03pm

1. Laurier is on par with Schulich, I'd argue it's better due to co-op.

2. I guarantee you getting Ivey AEO isn't as simple as you think it is - it's not about your grades, it's about your extracurriculars. 

3. UManitoba is shit.

4. Why are you looking at a Masters of Finance if you're an undergrad?

Oct 4, 2021 - 8:10am

honestly i do get the ecs part but i have those 2 sort of i mean they ust want my money a lot its highly likely that i do get accepted but maybe i might not as you said,

i was looking at msf to just see how the finance department is it just started so i mean isnt that good also,read a bit on reddit that the finance department was good so wanted a second opinion just that university of manitoba would be cheap enough for me to go without worrying too much,and also if you have time could you speak more on laurier co-op and what can a person ideally expect from there,im fairly confident ill get the co-op, do you think a foot in the door to bb/eb would even be possible?id be gland to work at a big 5,also the main reason im asking is im a bit shy and introverted when it comes to networking i feel like ill screw things up,idk im just confused,without hardcore networking would it be possible to get co-op placements at any banks?i dont mind networking just am nervous about it,one advantage i see is the co-op would be during off summer internships where i wont really compete with ivey/queens honestly i just ant to get a foot in the door,any time you can take out to answer anything wuld be highly appreciated,thank you:)

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  • Intern in PE - LBOs
Oct 4, 2021 - 10:54pm

Word of advice - often times the first year students who are the most confident they'll get co-op are the ones who don't. Grades are only 1/4 of what you need to get into the co-op program and even then there's no guarantee you'll get any job let alone a job in IB/PE. Getting into BBA is the easy part, getting a good co-op job is a whole other beast. 

On the bright side though Laurier has a very strong mentorship culture between senior and junior students which translates to a very tight nit alumni network especially with students going into finance (although it is a significantly smaller network than queens/ivey). 

If you do go to Laurier and get into co-op as long as you put in the necessary work into recruiting you shouldn't have a problem getting a big 5+1 or big 4 advisory. BB/EB's will be more difficult given lack of alumni network but I've recently noticed/seen more Laurier students landing spots at these firms - also I'm pretty sure Laurier's known for being a buy side school? (plz correct if wrong)

Also can't help but wonder - if you have the grades to easily get into Schulich / Laurier co-op, why can't you get into Queens or Laurier/UW double degree?

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Oct 4, 2021 - 8:37am

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