Scott Morris on Promotions - Part #1

Chris of Wall Street Mentors chats with Scott Morris about the start of his career and the keys to his success.

This Q&A topic was recommended by WSO member Pepsiholic - thanks for the suggestion. Please feel free to provide more requests for Scott and other Wall Street Mentors.

You can capture more insight from Scott in his book Polished, as well as practice Mock Interviews with him through Wall Street Mentors.

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Dec 14, 2010

Great interview, it definitely helped a lot hearing Scott's experience and perspective on the promotion process as well as the beginnings of his career. It seemed like you had a lot better handle on the interview this time, too, as far as where you were taking the questions, how you presented them etc. Make sure Scott knows how much we appreciate his taking the time to do these interviews, they are great for an inside look into a senior guy's mindset!

Dec 14, 2010

Denver Monkeyannabe,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, and I'll make sure to share your comments with Scott.
Any suggestions for future topics?

Thanks again,


Dec 14, 2010

Future topic: What to do once all the work has paid off ie what a new member of an organization should do when they start to add value, make a good impression, etc.

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Dec 14, 2010

Absolutely Chris, I'd really be interested in hearing what they look for in direct-promotes to Associate from Analyst, what qualities those people display (is it networking, hard work, intelligence, a combination of the three).

Also, I know everybody knocks Private Banking/PWM, but if you have a contact that would be interested in doing some of these segments I definitely have some questions regarding that field!

Also, going to shoot you a PM really quick.

Dec 15, 2010