Seattle Mixed Use Retail Market Info

Anyone have an approximation for what market rate is for TI ($/sf), and LC in the Seattle area? Mixed-use apartment ground floor retail. Any guidance is appreciated, doesn't have to be too specific, but if you could provide a source to reference that would be a major help. Happy holidays everyone.

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Dec 20, 2017

Louis Winthorpe III, sorry there are no responses yet. Maybe one of these topics can point you in the right direction:

Or maybe the following pros can chime in... @richardh8pg88d @Blake-Blanch @pere797

If those topics were completely useless, don't blame me, blame my programmers...

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Dec 27, 2017

Is this first generation retail space? Renewal? Depends on location but I've seen as high as $100/sf in CBD first generation space. That was retail downtown in a new tower however. We typically underwrite $40/sf on first generation and $10/sf on renewals/existing space. Just finished a deal in DuPont (40 minutes south of Seattle) and saw $20/sf TI negotiated on a new lease in existing space. I'm a multi guy that deals with a lot of mixed use but honestly we usually go to our retail team for anything more specific than the above. Hope this helps.

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Jan 3, 2018

Thanks for the insight @BraveSock. The space is renewal. Got some guidance from an appraiser as well and the range is pretty wide. Your 20/sf is pretty smack in the middle of what the appraiser said on renewal as well. Guidance was $5/sf to 40/sf depending on tenant quality, terms, and finish. Sorry for the delay, have an SB on me.

Jan 9, 2018