Securing an Analyst Offer after Graduation...Possible for Me or No?

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Hi all,

I am a rising senior at a semi-target school (top 50) with a 3.2-3.4 GPA, and I really want to secure a Corporate Finance Analyst position after graduation.

The only problem is, I messed up my summer internship situation and I'm not doing a Summer Analyst position, I'm just working unpaid for a local PE firm. I've previously interned in Risk Management in Capital Markets at a large mortgage company.

Will my lack of a Corporate Finance Summer Analyst position make it really hard for me to get a FT gig after graduation, like it would for IB? Places like Citi seem to hire mostly from their summer intern classes, even for Corporate Finance.

I am starting to network and cold-email like hell this summer, but I just want to know how much of an uphill battle to expect. I assume it'll definitely be a challenge (hopefully less than in IB?) but I'm having trouble finding info on here about how heavily Corporate Finance positions rely on a previous summer internship.

Any advice or insight for me would be greatly appreciated!

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Jun 28, 2019