Seeking Advice: F50 Treasury vs. FI Research Associate

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Hey guys I'm looking for advice in deciding between two career options.

Background: I have two years of corp fin experience at a F50 aerospace company. I recently got an offer in corporate treasury at this company and another offer from an investment management firm in FI Research. What would be best for overall career progression, b school opportunities, etc. I went to a non target for UG (Top 50) and am most interested in a career in Asset Management.

Option 1: Senior Analyst, Corporate Treasury at a F50 (the company I currently work at)
Duties include FX hedging, managing capital structure, supporting corp dev M&A, maintaining relationships with DCM at banks, commodities, and other duties that are more boring, which include regulatory stuff and managing loans.
Comp: Base ~85-90k, bonus at this level is kind of a joke ~10k but rises with more sr positions, work around 50 hours

Option 2: Fixed Income Research Associate at an IM Firm (think State Street, MFS, PIMCO)
Duties you guys are probably familiar with: research investment opportunities for fixed income portfolios etc..
Comp: 75-80k, not sure about bonus but I'd assume its much more than treasury, work around 60 hours

I'm pretty torn between both positions. Although the second is higher hours and lower base it may have more opportunities for career growth. Its also in Boston which I like; but I don't have problems with my current location. Anyone know about typical exit opps for F500 Treasury? Most people here stay at the company. A few have gone to DCM but its not common. I don't want to pigeon hole my career. Finally, I'm 24 right now and looking to go to b school in ~3 years. Any advice appreciated.

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Jul 20, 2017

If you have an offer at a firm like PIMCO for FI, you should definitely take it. PIMCO is like my end goal.

Jul 20, 2017

I guess PIMCO might have been out of place here. The firm I would be working at is a tier below BlackRock, Fidelity, and PIMCO but still respected in AM.

Jul 20, 2017