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I am seeking some advice on my next step. I am a "Portfolio Analyst" on structured products in MO at a very well known asset manager. The work is focused on reporting, making sure hypothetical trades are within compliance, helping answer non-glamourous investor inquiries - in essence not very intellectually challenging, but does provide a good training in excel modeling and have a direct working relationship with the PM.

I don't see myself doing the same type of work within the next three years but at a loss of where to go next. Most of my friends are either happy lifers there or find a niche happy spot with a smaller firm with more $ and be a lifer there. So I have no one to speak to IRL.

I have a few thoughts -

1 move on to a junior structuring role with an underwriter (not a common move but people with my background have made it before), could be very difficult and highly unlikely as my applications have been shot down a few times...
2 become a portfolio analyst that does the legwork for PM (allocations, more hypos ect).
3 join a Fin-tech modeling team to build out structured products dash boards/reports.

Has anyone with a similar background have made a career shift? I am a bit old so the switching to FO boat may have sailed already. There could be some other types of intellectually challenging work that I can make the transition to. I do not need to stay in finance.


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Jan 3, 2018

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