Seeking advice on a path to biotech equity research/investment analysis

Hi all,

I'm 24 years old and have a BA in econ from a semi target with a 3.0. I then took 23 hours of biology coursework at a non-target with a 4.0. I would love to get into biotech equity research or become a portfolio manager focused on this area. 

I'm looking at part time grad programs in stats, cs, finance, and business analytics. I'm also open to taking the CFA or studying for the GMAT. I've been working in an unrelated field for the past year and have improved my Excel and data analysis skills significantly. I'm interviewing for financial analyst roles now. 

I've been working on Coursera courses and reading as much as I can but am ready for the next step. I think the next 3-4 years should look like: Get a finance job, get a masters in stats, take 2 levels of the CFA, take the the GMAT, apply to B school. 

Advice on how to best pursue my goals would be greatly appreciated!!

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