Seeking Biz partner in Buying Profitable Companies

First time poster and hoping this is the correct forum, so here it goes.

I currently run a hedge fund but have gotten tired of competing against algos all day. Looking for a partner to CO-INVEST in a profitable company / companies. I have a strategic tax credits that I can use to ensure that ROI is higher than an investor can get on their own, so I cam looking find the best way to reach one of the following groups

a) PE / Accredited Investors / JV who are looking to make investments in PROFITABLE, more mature businesses with EBIT of at least 750k and hopefully upwards of that

b) Identify small business owners who may not be looking to sell today but would like a financial type partner to help grow their business and guarantee them an increase in profitability from Day 1

My question to the board would be the most efficient way to conduct this search and if there are any sites where I can post to cast a wide enough net. Looking thru LinkedIn can take days and the response rate is not great. how else might I be able to effectively reach small/middle market owners or those Investors who invest in these small to mid-market kinds of companies

Any and all suggestions are welcome and will gladly accept any Private Messages

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Mar 5, 2019

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