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Hey guys. I am seeking a qualified development analyst to join our young development shop in west LA. This is an opportunity to join a group at the ground floor with long-term prospects for growth, and eventually equity participation. Given the very small size of our company (currently two partners), this analyst will get to touch everything, from underwriting and feasibility analysis to development execution, bookkeeping/project accounting, investor relations, etc. We have been around about 7 months and have received institutional-quality funding on approximately 1,000 multifamily units, 250,000 SF of office, and 20,000 SF of retail. We have a very laid back, get-it-done culture--very limited HR policies, flexible work locations/schedule, etc.

Job responsibilities to primarily include modeling deals; putting together deal decks to try and raise equity; helping run deal analysis; project bookkeeping; and expanding to other development execution tasks as you gain experience.

Qualifications: approx. 2 years financial underwriting experience (real estate preferred, IB OK); PPT; strong writing skills.

Comp: to be determined based on qualifications, we will meet the market and there will be a longer term opportunity to participate in deals.

PM me a resume for details.

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Jul 31, 2019

Really great opportunity for someone. It's difficult to break into the development side as entry level positions seemingly don't open very often.

Thanks for posting!

Jul 31, 2019

damn, this is awesome. thank you for posting sire.

Aug 1, 2019

Good luck. If all else fails, post on the SC job site.

Aug 10, 2019

@Ricky Rosay I tried to send you a message but WSO wouldn't let me - could you message me please?

Aug 11, 2019

Not letting you tag him either. @Ricky Rosay

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Aug 12, 2019