Attempting to gain further insight. Older posts while using a search option left some things to be desired.

So basically

Opportunities? Is it restrictive to merely that sector? Is it highly specialized like Real Estate?

I recall a poster months ago stating that something about the convoluted nature of the industry's rules.

What type of deals would one see?

The future of the industry?

Pros? Cons?

Any other insight would be great.

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I don't know what you mean by restrictive. You obviously learn skillsets tailored very much towards mining. Opportunities aren't too bad. Obviously a lot of consolidation happenning lately and this will probably continue for quite some time.

What sort of deal? Rio/Alcan, BHP/Rio, Vale/Xstrata?

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I say restrictive, because it is a term that I hear a great deal in the old posts about Natural Resources, and I was seeking clarification.

What they meant by it was that the skillset was HIGHLY specialized, and I just wanted 2nd opinions.

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