Selby Jennings, What's the Deal with Them?

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I see a FUCK TON of ads from Selby Jennings on LinkedIn as I continue the job search for positions post-grad. I'm semi-convinced to open up their "Investment Banking Analyst" post on LinkedIn but don't know anything about them. Thoughts?

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Aug 13, 2019

Have gone through them in the past to apply and think I interviewed with one firm eventually. They carry a lot of boutique jobs - I mean a lot. They have soooo manyyyy listings. I can't say really whether its a good/bad source but from a minimal amount of experience and some googling they seem to get a shitload of candidates for opportunities that are not exactly premier. But because there are so many candidates its still hyper competitive to get an interview.

Aug 13, 2019

Was that for SA or post-grad?

Aug 13, 2019