'Self-driving car' actually controlled by man dressed up as a car seat

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Tech blogs went crazy over the weekend after a new self-driving car was seen rolling around Arlington, Virginia.

Unlike vehicles from Google Waymo, Uber and others, the car didn't have any obvious signs of a Lidar array, the chunky imaging technology most autonomous vehicles use to gauge the state of the road ahead. Instead, it had just a small bar mounted on the dashboard, which blinked red when it was at a stop light and green once the cost was clear.

The car was being driven by a man disguised as a car seat, holding the steering wheel low and leaning far back into his own seat.

But one aspect of the rumour mill was correct: the guy really was associated with Virginia Tech. According to the university's transportation institute, he was engaged in research about autonomous vehicles, likely gathering data about the reaction of normal drivers to sharing road space with a self-driving car.


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Aug 9, 2017


Aug 9, 2017