Sell out and take a shot?


So I've posted my situation on this site before but the long and short of it is that I'm a rising junior at a Canadian non-target university. I have more or less perfect marks; 4.0/4.0 (N.B. It's hard to express humility via internet), and believe it or not I actually scored a 2360 on my SAT I 3 years ago. Anyways, certain non-academic issues made it impossible for me (a Canadian) to attend school in the US. I've tried to make the best of my situation by keeping my marks up, and last year working at a Canadian boutique IB as an SA (albeit mostly grunt work). This year, fearing the complete lack of campus recruiting at my school I decided to venture into entrepreneurship and now am running a business (think 400-600K revenue) and am making a decent (again not mindblowing) amount of money. This business is not by any means my passion and I am still seeking to pursue a career in HF, but am unsure how to escape the spiral of being at an unrecruited school. If I want to take a shot at internships next year I will have to start immediately shopping for potential buyers for my business and I suppose I don't want to take a blind first step without knowing if I have a chance.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated,