Sell-Side Research = 0 Value?

I got a lot of negative comments a few weeks ago when I introduced the idea that the sell side industry as a whole is dying. As I continue to put together my research on this topic, I wanted to get the broader audience consensus regarding sell-side research.

Keeping in mind that I work as a sell-side research associate, my initial thought is that the job does add no value. If I'm a buy-side firm, I would rather have my own research team (which many do now), to ensure unbiased research and do a 'deep dive' into a company or sector that is more comprehensive than typical sell-side bullsh*t.

From a sell-side perspective, if I'm IB, I don't care what my research team is doing because we've got a Chinese Wall between us and I'm looking to do deals one way or another. ST is really the only place that I see value...and that value is really only to keep sales people employed so that they have something to talk to for clients (and from above I think clients are going to go to them less and less).

So...does sell-side research add any anyone?

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