Selling Research for Revenue?

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Is it possible to you research of company as a public form of revenue? The plan is to start an advisory firm with consulting, accounting, management services (to name a few). In terms of service fees, if I can get a company to agree to publicly disclose their financial performance rather than charging them an expense, is it legal?

I understand that all information is to be held private as noted by SEC/FINRA, but if the company gives a willing consent. Moreover, I already know sources interested in this information (contacts in Bloomberg, Reueters, etc.). I was wondering what kind of rates for information being sold (I know the it varies by firm so if you can cite an example of a company and the amount so I can get an idea).

I really appreciate it guys....

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May 7, 2014

I'd be willing to bet you will have a hard time getting private companies of substance to hop on board with this idea. One of the advantages privates have is being able keep their financials under wraps. I'd highly doubt they'd be willing to forgo this advantage for the sake of advisory and accounting/management services.

May 8, 2014