Semester Internship Decision Help

I am a senior in college in a small state and I plan to do an internship during this semester (September - December), however, I cannot decide on which internship opportunity to pursue. I want to follow the typical IB>MBA>PE/HF route. Here are the options:

Investment Banking Boutique: I have previously interned here and I learned a lot and love the atmosphere since I get to work directly with MDs. However, the firm is quite small (<10 people) and I would like to maybe have a bigger name on my resume when it comes time to apply for full-time positions.

Top Hedge Fund: Small regional office (10-20 people) but HUGE name. A previous intern there landed a full-time position at a BB afterward. Downside is the work appears to be somewhat menial and I think I would probably learn more at the IB Boutique.

BB corporate finance: Regional office, not sure how many employees but probably 20-50. Huge name but not sure in terms of how much I'd be learning. Had a friend who did an internship at this very office and didn't like it.

BB PWM: Last Resort. Big name but PWM, which is something that interests me but not necessarily want to pursue. Also, the office is the furthest one from where I live.

What do you guys think? Thank you very much for your input!

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