sending previous examples of work / portfolio

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Hey monkeys,

How do you guys deal w/ showing previous examples of work?

Most of what we deal with is confidential.

But I also feel actually SHOWING what you've done is more powerful than hand-waiving and describing vaguely your previous work.

I really wish I could just email people past examples of work, but I'm apprehensive to do so as it would also make me seem incapable of keeping deal info confidential.

Is there some middle-ground?

Is there any way of obfuscating information in an IM / model and then sharing that?

Or perhaps in showing only info on closed/failed deals?

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Aug 13, 2019

Did someone actually ask you for it? Don't share anything with confidential info, even if it's for a closed or failed deal.

Aug 13, 2019

This has to be the dumbest fucking question I've ever seen.
No you shouldn't share confidential information, even if asked.

It's even worse for failed deals as the info was never released. Simply removing the names etc isn't nearly enough.


Aug 13, 2019

At most firms your contract includes a stipulation that anything you create is heir property. There would be internal consequences for taking any model/IM/etc off of the network (USB drive, email, etc all are easily caught) even if you took off client names.

No reputable firm cares to click through your model, they will just ask questions to see how you understand it. If you feel you're being vague that's an issue in answering the question - you should be able to explain drivers, ways you modeled different things (IE specific asks from the client or ways in which a model was different from the norm), and the setup of your calculations without mentioning client names.


Aug 13, 2019