Sending stock pitches to HFs (high school)

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I am currently a year away from finishing high school and have done work experience twice (nothing special just researched some sectors and stocks) at a Macro Fund and I honestly woke up excited to go in. However that fund relocated recently. I want to get more into the HF world right now to put myself apart from the crowd.

Now I have a few small cap stocks in mind for a possible stock pitch to send in to some HFs in order to try and get my name around and ask for some advice and even possibly work experience/internship.

WSO if you were in high school how would you go about approaching a Hedge Fund?

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Dec 7, 2016

Genius. Just don't waste their time. Make sure you do the due diligence and research. Take the time to read the 10k's. If they have a 13F check to make sure it isn't something they already own. Read a lot of books, know what you are doing, have a report written. Aim for boutique firms. Contact the MP or a PM if there are multiple, if that doesn't work try their analysts. This is basically how I got my job.. I was in college but not too far in. Great stuff here on how to properly research a company.

Dec 8, 2016

thanks for the response man, I really appreciate it.

Do you remember how many pages long your stoke pitch was in College?

What books helped you when writing your pitch?

I am planning to base my pitch off "Simple As..." post on his research process.

Dec 8, 2016

Yeah about 4 pages. Be able to summarize it in one paragraph at the beginning then take as many as you need to explain the company (hit all the angles). If you do that you will be light years ahead of the first pitch I wrote. I will DM you a reading list.

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Dec 9, 2016

Play sports and go get laid... I'm being 100% serious.

Dec 9, 2016
Gray Fox:

Play sports and go get laid... I'm being 100% serious.


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Dec 9, 2016

Stock pitches are like opinions and buttholes... everyone has them

If my goal was to maximize my chance of making some money, I would not be spending my time reading stock pitches from teenagers

Get into the best college you can and go enjoy life. Stop thinking about "HFs". Get top grades and get laid a lot. Spend the next few years becoming the most intelligent, interesting, socially well-adjusted person you can be, and stuff will naturally fall into place in a few years

Jan 13, 2017


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Jan 13, 2017
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