Senior in high school, deciding what to study. Any advice welcomed. Thank you!

Hello, right now I am senior in high school and deciding what to study. Luckily, I am admitted to all of the universities I was/am deciding between. Basically, I do not know what I want to do exactly (in finance), and I also feel that I am not as informed about the potential jobs as I would like to (yes, I have read descriptions and watched videos about various jobs in finance, but I still think I do not know much about them) so the decision is little bit harder for me. I also think I have wide spectrum of activities related to these jobs which I enjoy doing, for example:

  • playing with options (short-term investing): the rush, the speed, the need of fast decision making, also the "chill" when markets are closed

  • long-term investing: doing thorough analysis of some company, working in a team to achieve something (I am in a university group of investors (got there through my friend), in analyst team → creating documents/presentations of potential investment opportunities)

  • I have little Ebay business going, thinking about expanding this summer to my own website (so selling/buying (making deals), creating business strategy, taking care of accounting (rather duty than something I enjoy doing))

  • working with computers/trying to get back to programming (I have little experience from high school (basics of programming with Delphi), participated with decent results in national cybernetics/cybersecurity competition, doing MIT course (Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python, and thinking about Machine learning with Python for finance professionals)

  • math

  • poker

I am basically thinking about jobs from quant through trading to IB, but I think I would prefer something in between (not only based on math and programming or on the other hand on social skills).

So now the important part, the universities. I am living in central Europe and I was thinking about doing undergrad here and masters in western Europe/USA (if it will be possible), so I must not only decide on the degree itself but also the possibilities of the university to prepare me for studying abroad (language, networking, …)

I am deciding between:

1) Finance (more practically/soft oriented than 3), but possibility of better GPA and higher chance of getting to good university abroad (they are in some group of world renowned finance/economics universities)

2) Mathematical Methods in Economics (+specialization in Econometrics and Operational Research), (same university as 1), only different program)

3) Economics and Finance (more theoretically oriented than 1) → few best students each year transfer to Oxford/Cambridge)

4) Financial Mathematics

My questions is, which university would you recommend (perhaps taking into account keeping as many future career paths as possible). Thank you very much.

PS: sorry for the imperfect English, trying to work on that

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  • Associate 3 in IB-M&A
Jun 15, 2021 - 12:44pm

Finance, definitely. It will give you optionality everywhere, and GPA is very important in business especially if you ever want an American MBA. Economics won't be as helpful since it's mostly theory. Math is fine but a difficult major and you won't get extra points for it.

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