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Sep 29, 2011
  • Add "/4.00" to your GPA, show your SAT splits, take the period off after your SAT Math score.
  • take the period after scholarship off."
  • I'd change your dates to Expected May 2012.
  • For your upcoming internship, can you provide even just one bullet describing what you'll be doing?
  • You have good bullets but they are a little wordy. Try to cut to the chase a little bit more.
  • I'd probably take lean out.
  • Take "the majority shareholder" out.
  • "2 hours per week"
  • Your first selected experience bullet is good but it is very very wordy. Get to your point faster. You don't need to provide a complete description of the project.
  • Take "only" out before financial officer. Just say you were the financial officer.
  • For your founding President bullet, take "alike" out and make it two bullets so it's easier to read. Also, it's current experience so keep it in present tense.
  • The club has "more than 230 members"
  • Change your activities periods to commas, take out the captain for intramurals bit and your 2k vinyl pieces out. Probably take thrifting out too. Maybe just say backpacked Europe during 2010 summer.
  • Any technical skills? Foreign language?

You do a great job quantifying your experience and showing how your presence has improved the places around you. As I've said, some bullets are a little wordy. Cut the fat off them and you have a pretty solid resume in my opinion.

Sep 29, 2011

Thanks! Good point on that 1st project bullet. I can't believe I didn't see how lengthy it was.

Out of curiosity, how should I word the SAT split?

Like "SAT Math: xxx. Verbal: xxx. Writing: xxx."??? or SAT (M/V/W): xxx/xxx/xxx??

The only technical skill I can think of is microsoft office and java. Are those important to list? And my foreign languages are limited to basic, conversational mandarin and basic spanish.

Sep 29, 2011