Series 79 - Mistake during exam, will I have to retake??

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I just took the Series 79 and got a 90% on it. Normally that means I would be getting trashed right now, but I accidentally wrote a calculation on the Exhibit handout instead of on the
scratch paper. When I turned it in the proctor made a huge deal about it and said that she would have to report this. Also, the test was taken at Pearson's in a video monitored room, so they probably have a video of me writing the calculation down to prove that I wasn't cheating or anything.

To throw in a little more color, the old bitch was grinning when she told me, largely because I gave her a dirty look for bumping into me. Basically she got really offended. "Suh, you betta watch where you goin'"

Is this going to result in me having to retake?