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Looking for buyer to accquire a Wall Street HF firm.
It was incorporated in Delaware in March 2017
It also comes with two brokerage(IB and TD) and bank account with full global margin trading privileges and a Wall Street Address.
All the tax returns like the Form 5472 are filed. And from 1st January 2018 the LLC made an election with the IRS to be taxed as C-Corp to simplify the owner's tax return(me).
It also had regulatory clearances from the NFA, filed an exemption for a CPO fund(Costs 60-70k to get it done properly) to raise funds and comes with lists of HNI investors and Institutional Fund seeders and investors.

Also comes with a platform to demonstrate performance and get capital allocation from investors.
International buyer also invited.
Running cost - $1000 p.a.

Asking Price $30000.


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Mar 15, 2019