Several Resume Questions

Hey all - Applying to business school in Round 1 / 2 this year and thought I'd ask about some nitpicky best practices for MBA resumes for PE/VC associates.

  • If you closed a private deal, should you mention any valuation / capital commitment metrics? If so, should it be total enterprise valuation or equity invested? If not, is there any way (or is it important) to give a sense of scale of the acquisition?
  • For Undergraduate GPA, best practice to go out 1 or 2 decimal points?
  • For GMAT score, what's the best format to layout (e.g., "GMAT: XXX" or "GMAT: XXX, QXX, VXX, AWXX, IRXX")
  • Currently have a number of extracurriculars that are in college and post-college. Right now, I'm putting my college extracurriculars in my Education section in 1-2 line items like this "Extracurriculars: Co-founder of XXX Club; Panel Chair for XXX; Tutor for XXX." Then I have my post-college extracurriculars (NGO youth boards, volunteering, etc.) under an "Extracurricular Activities" section. What is usually the best way to lay these out?


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  • Intern in CorpStrat
Aug 27, 2021 - 10:52pm

I'd reckon gmat score is most popular straight up, if not score, q,v. Nobody cares what your aw or IR socre is that is for sure. 

Sep 1, 2021 - 7:48pm

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