Sexual Harassment Issues in Silicon Valley

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Hello fellow monkeys,

It appears that sexual harassment has been becoming a major issue across many tech startups and venture capital firms over the past few months. Examples of those who have lost their jobs are: Justin Caldbeck, Matt Mazzeo, Jonathan Teo (all of Binary Capital), David McClure (500 Startups), Amit Singhal ,Ed Baker, Emil Michael, and Travis Kalanick all of Uber. Why do you think that sexual harassment has been such a major issue in Silicon Valley? It appears to be a systematic thing that has been going on for years and is just finally being exposed. This could have a profound impact on startup founders even deciding to seek venture capital, especially female founders. For those in venture capital have you seen issues like this first hand?

Monkeys, what are some of your opinions on this? And what should be done to stop this?

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Jul 4, 2017

The bigger issue is that these people are obliterating billions of dollars of retirees and college donation money to "play company". This sexism scandal will pale in comparison to that ultimate scandal.

Jul 5, 2017