Shit! Partner from Boston bank calls me in for in-person to "meet the partners." I'm in Philly!

Monkeys and men,

Shit I am half excited half shitting my pants. I've been grinding for the past 2-3 months trying to break into investment banking looking at mostly MMs and boutiques.

I found one in Boston that has a lot of my college alumni working there as partners. I had my phone interview on Wednesday and I just got the e-mail today that they want to bring me in on Tuesday or Thursday of next week for an in-person interview. They know I work full-time so I gotta show the commitment that I can make this happen.

Obviously I can't do Tuesday but what should I do here? I'm gonna go Thursday but don't wanna embarrass myself. They know I don't have IBD internships/background but I answered the easy phone technicals correctly.

I just got the BIWS guide. Do I just study this non-stop between now and Thursday and hope for the best? This is what I want right? I was grinding so hard to get this far and now I'm like scared to fail or something.

Ahhhh! Words of encouragement would be nice.