Shot at sustainability consulting? Late in the game -- looking for advice

Im a senior studying civil engineering at top engineering school (think UIUC/Berkeley/Purdue) and have a strong interest in sustainability. Through research, I've found that the best way to pursue a career path would be sustainability consulting. I've come to this decision pretty late in the game (i.e. past two months) and have already signed with a boutique lit consulting firm that I interned with that focuses on construction and nuclear energy.

Anyone have any advise how to move my career toward sustainability strategy consulting?/Do i even have a shot because I'm so late?

Stats below:
GPA: 3.48/4.0
Two summer internships (one with the company I signed with)
Two semesters abroad: Singapore/England at top schools
On the exec board of two sustainability student groups on campus

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Mar 1, 2016