Should a Charterholder in a FA facing role in AM list the CFP on his card?

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So, I work in a non-sales, but licensed role at a major AM firm. I interface with the wholesalers providing technical support for sales several times a month during sales to FAs. I got my CFP about eighteen months ago, because I knew all the material from a prior job, and work would give me time off to study. (I didn't, but it was a great long weekend at the shore) Needless to say, I passed, and now, for the first time since passing I need to order new business cards. My charter is obviously 100x more relevant to my work, but should I list the CFP after my name on the card as well? While I feel it is of limited value in the matters I am covering, I think that it may buy me enough respect from some of the FAs I'm talking to to be worth the cost of the ink. (no, before anyone suggests it, I won't put 'BFD' on my business card)