Should I apply now for summer associate positions (ib) or after career fair ? [London]

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So I'm wondering if i should start applying for summer associate straight away or if I should wait until the career fair at my university (UCL) on October 8th.

About my profile:
I did my BSc in Economics in Germany, including a semester abroad at Emory University (a top 20 university), graduated within the top 10% and got on the deans list twice. I'm starting my MSc in Economics at UCL in the next 2 weeks.
However I only have internship experiences in real estate asset managment, and at one of the BIG 4 in consulting, so no prior IB experience.

Because of this I was wondering if you'd think its smarter to wait and hope to network a bit at the career fair. Talk to some of the people via phone / email after the fair etc.

Whats your input?

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Sep 5, 2018

Banks who close applications early will do so in late October/early November so for now I would network and apply to firms not at the career fair. Save those for the career fair and make sure you make an excellent first impression there so they can flag your CV for HR once you apply.

Sep 5, 2018

You can always apply and get your CV flagged at the careers fair.

Sep 5, 2018