Should I be looking at different MBA programs?

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Hoping to get opinions on my profile for MBA admissions. Not sure if I'm aiming too high, or these are all within reach.

Work experience: 2 years as a financial analyst at F200 biotech company, 1.5 years as a senior financial analyst at same biotech company, summer internship at midsize (~$2B revenue) private company in treasury.

Extra curriculars: Youth / Teen mentor, Animal Humane Society volunteer, and volunteer scuba diver at local zoo / aquarium.

Undergrad school/major: Unranked local state school. Major in finance and minor in economics.

GMAT Score: 690. 43Q and 41V

Undergrad GPA: Summa Cum Laude, 3.92 GPA.

Goal: Investment Banking

Target schools in order of preference: Darden, Fuqua, Johnson, Stern, Kenan Flagler, McDonough, and Tepper

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Aug 5, 2018

I've heard that Stern prefers higher GMATs, so you might be SOL there. Especially with a lower quant score.

Aug 5, 2018

I'd strongly encourage you to retake the GMAT and raise your quant score, esepcially if you want a chance at Darden, Stern, KF, and Fuqua. Yes I realize your work is highly quantitative and you have a 3.92 with lots of As in quant courses. However, your school from what you say is not known for rigor and that 43 is low. Your chances of acceptance at these programs (and financial aid) will increase with a higher GMAT, specifically the quant.

Linda Abraham
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Aug 5, 2018

I thought I might have to retake, although I was hoping to avoid it lol.

What do you think I'd have to hit? 700+ with a 45-47 Quant?

Aug 5, 2018


Aim to get the highest quant you can, but I'd like to see 47+ on the quant .

I can understand why you'd prefer to avoid, but ... I really think you need to bite the bullet here.

Also many investment banks will want to see a 700+ GMAT score and a higher quant score.

If I "convinced" you to retake, you don't need the following, but if you are in doubt, check out "The GMAT: Low Scores, Retaking, & Success Strategies."

Linda Abraham
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Aug 5, 2018

Your profiling was no help because nontarget ranges from state flagship to b.s. schools, your employers can be just another xx firm or something reputable

Besides you don't know how your work experience quality stacks up or who writes your rec letters. Nothing is impossible but you are not in a good spot.

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Aug 5, 2018

Definitely a BS state school, won't even lie.

Not really sure how I'd know if it's a good company or not... ~$25B revenue, industry leader in biotech.

As far as rec's they're from my direct manager and the director of finance at my company.

Aug 5, 2018

how will they feel about losing you to b-school? are they going to write big supports or not too thrilled to write anything?

All I will leave to you is, every part of your application matters (less biography), so open an admissions app and run through each part rigorously. Beating a sub-700 GMAT is expected but not useful.

Aug 6, 2018