Should I consider transferring from Semi-target

Hello all,

I just graduated from high school and will be attending a t30 semi-target school in the northeast.  I have been waitlisted 4/8 ivies and was told recently by all 4 schools their enrollment is full :(. My current college seems to have very good OCR across all bb/ebs(according to alums working and students going through the recruiting process). However, the name brand alone is not very great, and to be frank I'm a little salty that I worked really hard for 4 years just to get dogged by the admission process.

Yes, I am interested in working in high finance, but I am also interested in pursuing a top grad program, and I heard for these applications school prestige matters, and I'm not sure my current college is considered prestigious?(18% acceptance rate for this year)

worth noting all alum presence at MF's and top HF are MD's/principals. Little to no presence from analysts/associates. Same goes with MBB 

My question to yall is should I prepare to reapply as a transfer student? Or should I just try to work my hardest and try to grind from my current school?

I would try my luck again at wharton, Cornell AEM, Gtown, and maybe add some new schools such as duke

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Jun 15, 2021 - 6:11pm

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